In addition to AR classroom testing, students can also take AR tests before school on Wednesdays 7:15-8:00 in Mrs. Cassaro's classroom and on Thursdays 7:30-8:00 in Mrs. Moore's (3rd grade) classroom. Parents must stay with students or check them into morning day care.

Friday is the end of our 1st AR Goal Period so to be a Lion that is on track- you should have reached 90% of your AR Goal

File:Lion d'Afrique.jpg - Wikimedia Commons
File:Lion d'Afrique.jpg - Wikimedia Commons
File:Lion d'Afrique.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Goal #1 August 7th – September 15th (6 weeks)
Prize: Dog Tag and Ice Cream Treat
Goal #2 September 18th - October 27th (6 weeks)
Prize: Dog Tag and Caramel Popcorn
Goal #3 October 30th – December 22nd(7 weeks)
Prize: Dog Tag and Cookies
Students Meeting all 3 goals= Movie Party
Goal #4 January 8th – February 16th(6 weeks)-
Prize: Dog Tag and Powdered Doughnuts
Goal #5 February 19th – April 7th(8 weeks)-
Prize: Dog Tag and Shamrock Shakes
Goal #6 April 9th-May 11th (5 weeks)-
Prize: Dog Tag and Rootbeer Floats

Students who achieve their goals every goal period all year long will receive a medal and get a special Field Trip Bowling Party
AR Goal Deadlines and Prizes

After Reading a book but before taking an AR test - log into and take a Bookadventure Quiz If there is no Book adventure quiz, then review the book with parents before coming to school the next morning. The purpose of doing this is to achieve the required (to receive grading period prizes) 85% accuracy on AR tests.

Important AR Links for Parents:Parent Resources Link
Parents Take an AR Sample Quiz

Parent's Guide to AR

Parent's Guide to AR 360Parent's Guide to STAR AssessmentsParent Resources for AR
To determine if a book is an AR book and find out the book reading level (RL) and/or points,
click on the following link:




To Sign up for Home Connect, click on the following link
; AR Home Connect

Find a book that isn't in AR, then click on the following link to request that it be added in AR and Quiz be written:
Suggest AR Quiz

Get e-mails sent directly to you after your child takes an AR test and find out how your student is progressing by clicking on the following link:
AR Home ConnectHome Connect Letter to Parents

Each child has a user name and password for book adventure provided by me- - see the Quick Reference User Guides that were sent home. I even made bookmarks for the students with their log-on information for both AR and BookAdventure.

Please note that user names/passwords for Book Adventure are different than those for AR. Book Adventure quizzes can be taken at home and are encouraged to be taken at home, but AR Quizzes cannot be taken at home and must be taken at school.

Reading Resources:
Strategies for ReadingAnnotation helps Reading ComprehensionHighlighting rulesJunie B. Jones Activity BookMaking Reading FunBrain Development HelpStrategies for Struggling ReadersEarly signs of Reading issuesReading ProblemsBoy ReadersEarly Chapter Books for Boys2nd and 3rd Grade Chapter Books1st-3rd Chapter Books
9 ways to motivate students to read.pdf
9 ways to motivate students to read.pdf

9 ways to motivate students to read.pdf
9 ways to motivate students to read.pdf

Please note that Accelerated Reading Goals are all individually set in accordance with each child's skill level and they are encouraged to do their personal best. Each student's points and goals are different and are based on the STAR test. Individual Reading Diagnostic packets with your child's individual reading level/goals and an explanation of the program was sent home at the beginning of the year. Updated reading level/goals will be sent out for each subsequent goal period. Please be sure to review this important information as it provides you with your child's AR user name and password, how to get updated e-mails after each AR quiz your child takes, and much more.

Each student's progress and growth is assessed each time they complete a book and take a test. Each book has a point value. By passing the test for that book, the student earns points and gets closer to their reading goal. Please note that we will be reading in class in addition to the required 20 minutes of reading that your child should be doing nightly so at a minimum they should be getting at least 30 minutes of daily reading. All reading done at home needs to be logged on the Homework Reading Log.

Happy Reading!!!!!!!